Monday, April 21, 2014

2014 GCG Daffodil Show Award Winners

The Garden Club of Gloucester's 62nd Annual Daffodil Show held Saturday, March 29 and Sunday, March 30 at Ware Academy, 7936 John Clayton Memorial Highway, Gloucester, Virginia. Despite an early spring, the show attracted 495 blooms entered by 79 exhibitors, adults and youths, in 295 exhibits from 3 states (Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina). The rainy show weekend did not dampen the horticulture or the enthusiasm of the public who celebrate this year’s show theme, ‘Flower Power: Music of the 1960s.

The horticulture winners have been announced as follows:

American Daffodil Society (ADS) Silver Ribbon and the Dr. Raymond S. Brown Award, a perpetual trophy, for the most blues, won by Katherine Beale of Norfolk who received 10 blues.

Founders Trophy, for most points in horticulture for a Garden Club of Gloucester member, awarded to Ceci Brown of Gloucester.

ADS Gold Ribbon and Mr. and Mrs. George W. Heath Award for best standard bloom, awarded to Katherine Beale of Norfolk for entry, Miss Primm 2y-y.

ADS Miniature Gold Ribbon and Agnes Crawford Bates Award for the best miniature bloom, awarded to Katherine Beale of Norfolk, for entry, Hummingbird 6y-y.

ADS White Ribbon and Betty Lewis Constantine Award for best vase of three standard blooms, awarded to Kathleen Gierlak of Gloucester for entry, Saint Keverne 2y-y.

ADS Miniature White Ribbon and Edward H. Ould Award for best vase of three miniature blooms awarded to Bette Gilberti of Gloucester for entry, Tete a Tete 13y-y.

ADS Purple Ribbon and Mr. and Mrs. John L. Whitehead Award for best collection of five standard stems, awarded to Ceci Brown of Gloucester.

ADS Small Growers Ribbon and DeHardit-Hicks Award for the best standard daffodil exhibited by a small grower growing less than 50 cultivars from Section A, classes 1-38, awarded to Margaret Barnett of Richmond of for entry, Hot Gossip 2y-o.

ADS Youth Ribbon and Leland C. Bowditch Memorial Award for best bloom in Youth Division Section K, Classes 148-154, awarded to John Potter of Richmond for entry, Itizm 2y-r.

The following ADS horticulture winners were as follows:

ADS Rose Ribbon for best standard seedling, no entries.

ADS Miniature Rose Ribbon, best miniature seeding exhibited by the originator, no entries.

ADS Lavender Ribbon for best collection of five miniatures Section F, Class 116, awarded to Laura Anne Brooks of King Williams.

ADS Miniature Red/White/Blue Ribbon for the best collection of five American-bred miniatures, Section F, class 117, no entries.

ADS Delia Bankhead Ribbon for best collection of 9 miniatures, Section F, Class 118, awarded to Katherine Beale of Norfolk.

Roberta C. Watrous Award, for the best collection of 12 different miniature cultivars, Section F, Class 119, no entries.

ADS Red- White-Blue Ribbon for best five stems of American bred daffodils,

Section G, Class 128, awarded to Laura Anne Brooks of King William

ADS Maroon Ribbon for best five stems, reverse bi-color, Section G, Class 129, no entries.

ADS Marie Bosievich Ribbon and for best collection of twelve standard cultivars and/or species from at least four divisions, Section G, Class 130, no entries.

ADS Elise Havens Ribbon for best collection of 12 cultivars from Divisions 5-10,
Section G, Class 131, no entries.

ADS Dr. Tom D. Throckmorton Ribbon for the best collection of fifteen standard cultivars and/or species from at least fifteen different RHS classifications, each labeled with name and complete classification, Section G, Class 132, no entries.

Carey E. Quinn Award (silver medal or ribbon) for best collection of 24 standard cultivars and/or species from at least 5 divisions, Section G, Class 133, no entries.

ADS Historic Ribbon for the best pre-1940 cultivar, Section H, Classes 134-141,
Awarded to Kathleen Gierlak for entry, Saint Keverne 2y-y.

ADS Historic Ribbon set of three, Section H, Class 140, awarded to Kathleen Gierlak for Saint Keverne 2y-y.

ADS Historic Daffodil Collection of Five Ribbon, Section H, Class 141,
Awarded to Laura Anne Brooks of King William.

ADS Intermediate Ribbon for best intermediate bloom, Section I, Classes 142-144,
Awarded to Katherine Beale of Norfolk for her entry, Pink China 2w-p.

ADS Best Intermediate 3 stems ribbon, from Section I, Class 143,
awarded to Ceci Brown of Gloucester for entry, Treasure Waltz 2y-y.
 ADS Best Intermediate Collection of 5 Ribbon, Section I, Class 144, no entries.
 ADS Classic Daffodil Division is new this year for our show. Classic Daffodil is defined as a standard daffodil which was registered between 1940 to 1969, inclusive.
ADS Best Classic Ribbon, Best classic daffodil from Section J, classes 145 -147,
awarded to Ceci Brown for Churchman 2w-w registered in 1968.

ADS Classic single stem ribbon, best classic standard daffodil, from Section J, class 145, awarded to Nancy Alexander Fuchs of Burgess, formerly of Gloucester, for her entry, Shah 7y-y registered in 1949.

ADS Classic 3 stem ribbon, Section J, class 146, awarded to Kathleen Gierlak of Norfolk for her entry, Ceylon 2y-o registered in 1943.
ADS Classic of 5 ribbon, Section J, Classic 147, awarded to Ceci Brown of Gloucester. This exhibit also won best collection of five in the show.

ADS Youth Best of 3 stems, from Section K, Class 143,
awarded to Ryan Potter of Richmond for his entry, Tweety Bird 6y-y.

ADS Well Knierim Ribbon, for best photograph in show, won by Melanie Paul of Hampton for her photography from Class P2, Portraits of Daffodils.

In the Artistic Division Trophys and Awards: There were 37 exhibitors ( 26 adults and 11 youths) and 37 exhibits entered with the theme, “Flower Power: Music of the 1960s” .
Awards were as follows:

Toddsbury Cup, a perpetual trophy, in memory of Mrs. Charles Beatty Moore and Mrs. Catherine Sanders Mott Catlett, for best arrangement in show, won by Melissa Ashe of Gloucester Point, for her entry in ART 4, titled “Fun, Fun, Fun” by the Beach Boys, which was a Reflective Design. This entry also won Cynthia Matthews Rhodes Award, a perpetual trophy, in memory of Cindy Rhodes for her appreciation of the beauty of flowers and her care of all living things for the most creative arrangement in the show. This entry also won Catherine “Kitty” Hankins Wilson Award. The other entries in ART 4 were as follows Kate Zullo of Gloucester, second, and Darla Carroll of Gloucester and Mimi Ulsaker of Ware Neck both received honorable mentions.

Beverley R. W. Marshall Award, Class ART1, “Aquarius (Let the Sunshine in) by the 5th Demensions, an interpretive design, won by Ceci Brown of Gloucester. Others winners were Sarah Finney, second, Fran Zabicki, third, both of Gloucester, and Patty Rosenberg of Ware Neck received an honorable mention.

 Mary Douglas Anderson Award, Class ART2, “Wild Thing’ by the Troggs, novice class, an interpretive design, won by Meredith Watkins of Gloucester. Other winners were Tish Grant of Ware Neck, second, Susan Howard of Gloucester, third, and both Beth Richardson and Jane Worthington of both of Gloucester received honorable mentions

 Mildred Marshall Boyd Award, Class ART3, “Moon River” Andy Williams, Design in Oriental Manner, was not awarded. Other entrants in this class received, Sandy Pait of Dutton, second, Joan Jackson of Gloucester, third, both Kathy Klein and Ann Garrett of Gloucester were awarded honorable mentions.

 Ann Brown Dischinger Award, Class ART5, “I Heard it Through the Grapevine”, Marvin Gaye, Synergistic Design, won by Emily Barbee of Gloucester. The other entrants were as follows second, Susan Briggs, third, Lorraine Ingles, Williamsburg, honorable mention, Shannah Cooper.

 Shirley Lyons Robinson, Class ART6, Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, Brian Hyland, miniature arrangement, 5” or less in all directions, awarded to Judy Doyel of Ware Neck. Other awards Peggy Robins, second, June James, third, both of Gloucester Point and Felicity Ericson of Ware Neck, honorable mention.

 Youth Artistic Division had 11 exhibitors in 2 classes for youths, interpreting John Lennon’s song ‘Imagine’. They used their imagination to interpret universal peace.

Mac Ingles II Award, Class ART7, youth class ages 6-9, was won by Avery Watkins. Other entrants were Josh Ward, second, Megan Parlett, third, and the following honorable mentions were given to Harrison Zima, Sydney Barbee, Alyssa Horsley, Jennifer Parlett, and Alex Barbee all of Gloucester.

 Ray Brown Jr. Award, Class ART8, youth class for ages 10-13, won by Gavin Corcoran of Gloucester. Other winners were Leah Robins, second, and Jacob Ward, third, both of Gloucester.

A special award presented at 3:30 pm on sunday, The L. Cameron Gregory People’s Choice Perpetual Award, in memorial of Cameron Gregory "in celebration of his love of people and his belief that all people should have the freedom to vote," was awarded to Meredith Watkins of Gloucester for her interpretation of “Wild Thing” by the Troggs.