Friday, January 9, 2009

Class 238 - Center Exhibit

Winner: Kate Zullo for her interpretion of 'Changing of the Season' by Mary White. Artwork was from the 2009 calendar of the Phoenix Art Group depicting winning art of youth from Gloucester County Schools. Proceeds from the sale of the calendar go towards college scholarships.

Entrants were to select one of the art works from the 30 depicted in this year's calendar. They had the freedom to do as they wish in composing a flower arrangement interpreting one of these works of art. This class was limited to 4 entries.

It had to be an interpretive arrangement to be displayed on a table 3o" round by 42" high. The table was covered with a white floor length cloth. A top cloth could be used.

A copy of this calendar will be available to view at front desk of the Gloucester Library, Main Street, or to purchase at Twice Told Tales, Gloucester.