Friday, January 9, 2009

Art in Bloom

The Garden Club of Gloucester's 59th Annual Daffodil Show is an American Daffodil Society Accredited show. The Show will be held March 28-29, 2009, at Page Middle School, 5628 George Washington Highway, Gloucester, Virginia. For more information on horticulture divison, contact Joan Jackson at (804) 693-6266.

The Artistic Division theme is "Art in Bloom", interpreting works of art through flower arranging. Create your flower version of one of the given art works with your choice of plant material. Artistic Division rules are listed in our Daffodil Show schedule.

There are eleven artistic classes. Classes 230 through 238 are limited to 4 entries each.

Copies of the art work are online here or at the Court House branch of the Gloucester Library (front desk). The art work featured in the Phoenix Art Group calendar will also be at the Library, or the calendar may be purchased at Twice Told Tales, Main Street, Gloucester.

Once you have registered for your class, a copy of your selected art work will be mailed to you upon request. Preregistration is required by March 22 to Shannah Cooper, (804) 693-5559.

Preregistration information for Youth Artistic Division is listed in class 239 and class 240.

Photography Division is part of the American Daffodil Society schedule.
There are four classes in the Photography Division:
Class 226, Daffodils in Nature or in a Landscape. A display of spring plants including daffodils. The site must be visible from a public thoroughfare or public property in Gloucester County or Mathews County ; Class 227, Portraits of Daffodils. A close-up of a single daffodil bloom or up to three blooms of a single cultivar; Class 228, Daffodils with People or Animals, and Class 229 Youth Photography. Photography must feature daffodils. (Ages 18 or under).