Sunday, March 29, 2009

2009 Daffodil Show Winners

Garden Club of Gloucester 59th Daffodil Show
March 28-29, 2009

The Garden Club of Gloucester’s 59th Annual Daffodil Show held Saturday and Sunday at the Page Middle School, attracted 1,177 stems entered by 63 exhibitors and 12 youth exhibitors from five states (Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina). Award winners have been announced as follows:

Horticultural Awards

American Daffodil Society Silver Ribbon and the Dr. Raymond S. Brown Memorial, a perpetual trophy, for the most blue ribbons, Clay and Fran Higgins, Harbinger, North Carolina, receiving 17 blue ribbons.
ADS Gold Ribbon and Mr. and Mrs. George W. Heath Memorial for best standard bloom, Skip and Margaret Ford, Richmond; entry, Trena 6 W-Y.
ADS Miniature Gold Ribbon and Agnes Crawford Bates Memorial for the best miniature bloom, Mitch and Kate Carney, Boonsboro, Maryland; entry, N. Cylclamineus 13 Y-Y.
ADS White Ribbon and Mary Douglas Anderson Memorial for best vase of three blooms, Susan Appel, Halliford; entry, Tracy 6W-W.
ADS Purple Ribbon and Mr. and Mrs. John L. Whitehead Memorial for best collection of five stems, Skip and Margaret Ford, Richmond.
ADS Rose Ribbon and Frank R. Yazenski Memorial for best standard seedling exhibited by the originator, not awarded.
ADS Miniature White Ribbon and Jackson-Holden Memorial for best vase of three miniatures, Anne Donnell Smith, Stevenson, Maryland; entry, Spoirot 10 W-W.
ADS Lavender Ribbon and Edward H. Ould Memorial for best collection of five miniatures, Mitch and Kate Carney, Boonsboro, Maryland.
ADS Miniature red/white/blue Ribbon and Raymond S. Brown Jr., Memorial for the best collection of five American-bred miniatures, not awarded.
ADS Miniature Rose Ribbon, Mrs. Henning Rountree Memorial, best miniature seeding exhibited by the originator, not awarded.
ADS Aqua Ribbon and Dee Evans Memorial for best collection of 9 miniatures, Katherine Beale, Norfolk.
Roberta C. Watrous Award, for the best collection of 12 different miniature cultivars, Mitch and Kate Carney, Boonsboro, Maryland.
ADS Small Growers Ribbon and Granville Hall Memorial for the best standard daffodil exhibited by a grower growing less than 50 cultivars, Marty Ross, Hayes; entry, Rapture 6Y-Y.
ADS Historic Ribbon and Mary Ann James Memorial for the best pre-1940 cultivar, Melanie Paul, Hampton; entry, Grand Primo Citron 8W-Y 1780.
ADS Historic Ribbon set of three and Elizabeth Clopton Brown Honorary Award, Susan Appel, Halliford; entry, W. P. Milner 1W-W 1869.
ADS Historic Daffodil Collection of Five Ribbon and Dorothy Early Memorial, Elizabeth C. Brown, Gloucester.
ADS Intermediate Ribbon and Ann Brown Dischinger Memorial for best intermediate bloom, Glenna Graves, Harrisonburg; entry, Skilliwidded, 2Y-Y.
Garden Club of Gloucester award and Mrs. E. Wright Noble Memorial for best collection of red/orange cupped daffodils, Clay and Fran Higgins, Harbinger, NC.
Garden Club of Gloucester award and Mrs. Webster S. Rhoads Jr., Memorial for best collection of pink cupped daffodils, not awarded.
Garden Club of Gloucester award and the Col. And Mrs. R. F. C. Vance Memorial for best collection of white daffodils, not awarded.
ADS Red, White and Blue Ribbon and President’s Award for best five stems of American bred daffodils, Skip and Margaret Ford, Richmond.
ADS Maroon Ribbon and Chairman of Show award for best five stems, reverse bi-color, not awarded.
ADS Marie Bosievich Ribbon and Louise DeShazo Hawkins Memorial Award for best collection of twelve standard cultivars and/or species from at least four divisions, Laura Anne Brooks, King William.
Elise Havens ribbon and Jane Henley Honorary Award for best collection of 12 cultivars from Divisions 5-10, not awarded.
ADS Dr. Tom D. Throckmorton Ribbon and Raymond W. Lewis Memorial Award for the best collection of fifteen standard cultivars and/or species from at least fifteen different RHS classifications, each labeled with name and complete classification, not awarded.
Carey E. Quinn Award (silver medal or ribbon) for best collection of 24 standard cultivars and/or species from at least 5 divisions, not awarded.

Youth Division (15 and younger)

ADS Youth Ribbon and Leland C. Bowditch Memorial Award for best cultivar, Ryan Potter, Richmond; entry, Rapture 6Y-Y.
ADS Best of 3 Ribbon and Alison Randolph Memorial Award for best vase of 3 stems of one daffodil, Michael Driscoll, Halliford; entry, Barrett Browning
ADS Youth Collection Ribbon and McClanahan Ingles II Memorial Award for the best collection of 5 different cultivars, Michael Driscoll, Halliford.

Special Horticultural Awards

Founders Cup, a perpetual trophy, for most points in horticulture won by a Garden Club of Gloucester member, Elizabeth C. Brown, Gloucester.
Gloucester Woman’s Club Historic Award, a perpetual trophy, in memory of Betty Lewis Constantine, to a resident of Gloucester or Mathews county for the best collection of five pre-1940 cultivars. This entry also received the ADS ribbon for the best collection of five pre-1940 cultivars, Elizabeth C. Brown.
John Edwin DeHardit and Patricia DeHardit Hicks Memorial, a perpetual trophy, novice class, one stem from any division, eligible only to residents of Gloucester and Mathews who have never won a blue in any ADS show, Cheryl Zecher, Gloucester; entry, Quail 7Y-Y.

ADS Photography Division

ADS Photography Division had 33 exhibits in four classes.
Class 226, Daffodils in Nature or in a landscape, Blue, Kim George. Class 227, Portraits of daffodils, Blue, awarded to Annie Rex, Gloucester; Class 228, Daffodils with people or animals; Section A. blue, Melanie Paul, Hampton, this photo was also noted as Best Photograph in Show; Section B, blue, Deann Rinehart, Lanexa. Class 229, Youth Only Class, Featuring daffodils; blue, Ryan Potter, Richmond.
The Garden Club of Gloucester Special Photography Awards the James V. and Violet R. Morgan Community Service Award, a perpetual trophy, to the photography depicting the best public display of daffodils beautifying the community, hillside in front of Tidewater Physical Therapy, Gloucester Main Street, and the Gloucester Veteran’s Award, perpetual trophy, to the photographer depicting the best public display of daffodils, Kim George, Gloucester, both from Class 226.

Artistic Awards

In the Artistic Division there were 36 exhibits and 26 youth exhibits entered with the theme, "Art in Bloom." Awards were as follows: Toddsbury Cup, a perpetual trophy, in memory of Mrs. Charles Beatty Moore and Mrs. Catherine Sanders Mott Catlett, for best arrangement in show, Joan Jackson, Gloucester, entry from class 230, titled ‘Windmills near Zaandam‘.
Cynthia Matthews Rhodes Award, a perpetual trophy, in memory of Cindy Rhodes for her appreciation of the beauty of flowers and her care of all living things for the most creative arrangement in the show, Sarah Finney, Gloucester; entry in class 231, ‘La Clownesse Cha-U-Kao’.
General William H. Tunner Memorial, class 230, ‘Windmills near Zaandam’ by Claude Monet, an interpretive design arrangement. Blue, Joan Jackson, Gloucester, Red, Mary Peebles, Ordinary, Yellow, Melissa Ashe, Gloucester Point, Honorable Mention, Darla Carroll, Gloucester.
Mrs. Hugh Keanne Dabney Memorial, Class 231, ‘La Clownesse Cha-U-Kao’ by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec an interpretive design arrangement. Blue, Sarah Finney, Gloucester, Red, Rachel Strawn, Gloucester, Yellow, Amelita Thomas, Wicomico, Honorable Mention, Tish Grant, Ware Neck.
Mrs. James Bland Martin memorial, Class 232, ‘Drama’ by Wassily Kandinsky, Novice Class, for those who have never received a blue ribbon in an artistic division, a Modern French Design. Blue, Alexandria Watkins, Gloucester, Red, Kitty Martin, Yellow, Mary Ann Griffin, Honorable Mention, Beth Richardson, Gloucester.
Katharine Lewis Pickett and Rear Adm. Ben B. Pickett Memorial, Class 233, ‘Charing Cross Bridge’ by Andre Derain, a creative mass. Blue, Kitty Martin, Gloucester Point, Red, Emily Barbee, Gloucester, Honorable Mentions, Tracy Lanum, Gloucester, and Pam Manz, Bohannon.
Catherine ‘Kitty’ Hankins Wilson Memorial, Class 234, ‘The Starry Night’, Vincent van Gogh, an interpretive design arrangement. Blue, Shannah Cooper, Gloucester, Red, Joanne Bartlett, Gloucester, Yellow, Kate Cole, Gloucester, Honorable Mention, Amy Richardson, Gloucester.
Beverly R. W. Marshall Memorial, Class 235, ‘The Sower’, by Vincent van Gogh in the Oriental Manner, Moribana style arrangement. Blue, Marjorie Masek, Gloucester, Red, Sarah Hylton, Ordinary, Yellow, Sandy Geiger, Gloucester Point, Honorable Mention, Kate Cole, Gloucester.
William Gilbert and Blanche Morris Memorial, Class 236, ‘Kastura’ by Frank Stella an assemblage design. Blue, Ann Hohenberger, Ware Neck, Red, Karen Malo, Dutton, Yellow, Fran Zabicki, Zanoni, Honorable Mention, Cara Randolph, Hardysville.
Shirley Lyons Robinson Memorial, Class 237, ‘Imperial Easter Egg’ inspired by Peter Carl Faberge, a miniature interpretive arrangement. Blue, Judy Doyel, Ware Neck, Red, Felicity Ericson, Gloucester, Yellow, June James, Hayes, Honorable Mention, Ann Garrett, Gloucester.
Irving Lewis Smith Memorial, Class 238, center exhibit, interpreting youth art from the Phoenix Art Group 2009 calendar. Proceeds of this calendar go towards college art scholarships. Blue, Kate Zullo, Gloucester, interpreting ‘Changing of the Season‘ art work of Mary White, age 14, Peasley Middle School; Red, MiMi Ulsaker, Ware Neck, interpreting ‘Down by the Bay’ art work of Morgan Dean, Age 12, home schooled; Yellow, Peggy Robins, Gloucester Point, interpreting ‘The Mermaid’ by Margaret Strawn, age 8, Ware Academy; Honorable Mention, Patty Rosenberg, Ware Neck, interpreting ‘Autumn by the River’ art work of Quinn Glovier, age 6, Ware Academy.

Special Award

The L. Cameron Gregory People’s Choice Perpetual Award, in memorial of Cameron Gregory "in celebration of his love of people and his belief that all people should have the freedom to vote," awarded to Shannah Cooper, Gloucester, for "The Starry Night," Class 234.

Youth Artistic Division Awards

Malo Grandchildren Honorary Award, Class 239, ages 6 to 9, interpreting art of Henri Matisse. Blue, Abigail Peebles, Gloucester, Red, Quinn Glovier, Hayes, Yellow, Olivia McDaniel, Hayes, Honorable Mentions, Margaret Strawn, Gloucester; Caroline Andrews, Center Cross; Zoe Warren, Gloucester; Ava Atkinson, Gloucester; Ashley Shackelford, Gloucester; Alice Strawn, Gloucester; Hardy Watkins, Gloucester; Reed Atkinson, Gloucester; Cabell Jones, Gloucester; Brynn Backer, Gloucester; Macy Taylor, Charlottesville; Gibson Hylton, Ordinary.
Zima Grandchildren Honorary Award, Class 240, ages 10 to 13, interpreting art of Pablo Picasso. Blue, Nealcyn Watkins, Gloucester; Red, Abby Hylton, Ordinary; Yellow, Kelsey Bridges, Gloucester; Honorable Mention, Amanda Prochnow, Gloucester; Blair South, Gloucester; Kathryn James, Hayes; Meredith Watkins, Gloucester; Eva Jasinski, Gloucester Point; Kylee Hockaday, Hayes; Alexandra Richardson, Gloucester; Hope Warren, Gloucester