Monday, January 25, 2010


Cabell Jones pictured in front of her winning arrangement, titled, 'Duckling'.

THE UGLY DUCKLING: Did you know? “The Ugly Duckling” was first published in 1843 by Hans Christian Andersen. The story tells of a homely little bird born in a barnyard who suffers abuse from his neighbors until, much to his delight he matures into a graceful swan. Read the story HERE.  Bring your flowers and clippers and be prepared to show your feathers in a fun arrangement on site using the container and mechanics provided.

Arranging begins a 6:00 PM Friday, March 27, in the side hall. Garden Club members will be available to talk about flower arranging basics, but the final design is up to you. Parents may not remain in the youth work area. Pick-up is at 7:30pm.
Illustration by Vilhelm Pedersen, Andersen‘s first illustrator

CLASS 240 - DUCKLINGS ages 6-9

CLASS 241 - SWANS ages 10-13

Youth Division entries will not be limited. To register for this class and/or for questions call Nina Watkins, 804-642-2826 or mailto:JWatkins49@cox.netor Juli Peebles, 804-693-0660. Last date to register for Youth Division is March 21.